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Founded in 2022 by Tommy Duncan, former Medicaid managed care CEO, Trusted Value Networks (TVN) emerges as a pioneering force in healthcare, driven by a commitment to standardization and value-based care.

Through strategic partnerships with FQHCs, we go beyond traditional healthcare management, fostering community investment, and ensuring advanced treatments and technology are accessible.

Federally Qualified Health Centers
Community-Based Organizations across Florida
Representing over 500 facilities
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Elevating Standards in Healthcare Management

In the current landscape, healthcare entities often face inconsistency, limited resources, and varied care standards.

TVN recognizes these challenges and aims to redefine the narrative. By managing and driving FQHCs and CBOs under a clinically integrated, value-based system, TVN addresses issues related to employee satisfaction, community investment, and advanced treatment access.

Traditional models may restrict treatment options, but TVN's approach encourages comprehensive care, innovative solutions, and community-focused initiatives.

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Human Resources Support
Technological Assistance
Behavioral Health Integration
Care Coordination
Increased Pharmacy Access
EPSDT Assistance
Programs for Social Determinants of Health
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Redefining Healthcare Delivery

TVN specializes in managing and integrating FQHCs and CBOs into a single, clinically integrated, value-based system. Beginning with a thorough analysis of strengths & weaknesses for each entity, we then provide individualized support services and resources to address any identified gaps

Through continuous quality improvement, TVN ensures standardized, exceptional healthcare delivery.

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Setting New Standards in Healthcare Management

TVN is a leader in healthcare management, operating a vast network of FQHCs and CBOs across Florida. Our mission is to standardize care delivery, instill passion in healthcare professionals, and foster community investment.

We believe in a value-based approach that encourages better employee pay, extended care commitments, and community-focused initiatives.

TVN operates with integrity, compliance with federal regulations, and adherence to quality standards, setting the benchmark for healthcare excellence.

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/ Tommy Duncan

Founder & Visionary Leader

Former founder of Trusted Health Plans Medicaid MCO, Tommy brings decades of experience in Medicaid managed care. His vision for TVN is to redefine healthcare standards and drive value-based care across the nation.

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Answers to Your Questions

How does TVN ensure standardized care across diverse entities?

TVN conducts thorough SWOT analyses for each FQHC, tailoring services through a 3-stage process: Identification, Execution, and Reporting with Continuous Quality Improvement. This approach ensures a consistent and high standard of care delivery.

What sets TVN apart in healthcare management?

TVN's value-based model encourages extended care commitments and community-focused initiatives. We aim to go beyond traditional management, fostering passion in healthcare professionals and elevating community health.

How can TVN assist in addressing specific healthcare needs in different regions?

TVN's real impact examples demonstrate our commitment to addressing specific needs, from deploying specialist teams to facilitating mobile services and ensuring fee-for-service billing.

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